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Eridanus' Poustinia

Profundity Abounds

Eridanus Darryl Kummerow
My motto: It is what it is. Where do I go from here.

Right now, I'm not into recitations of the past. If you need my past, please see the end of this section.

What I am now:

I am a 49 year old gay man. I am a celestial Pagan, meaning I'm Universe based, rather than just earth-based. I tend to go forward by my heart, and I over-think what my gut tells me.

My patroness Goddess is the Hekatae. My personal God/dess/es are the Purple God of Healing, Hestia, and the Moirae. I live my life motivated by my spirituality.

I am a spiritually intuitive Tarot consultant. I read for private clients and groups. I'm available for parties. Please see my website, Treptower Keys, or email me directly for availability and rates.

The above answer is what I do. It is too simple for who and what I am.

My vocation (at present) is a medicant, a healing substance. [this is the soundbite answer]

Within this one word can be found that I am a spiritual intuitive, seer, compassionate listener, spiritual guide, visionary, and Tarot consultant. I uncover more facets of being a medicant as I live my life.

My website, Treptower Keys, is where you will find more information about me and my services. Also, you can read my poetry, and my commentaries on life and spirituality.

For those into titles and associations, in no particular order, I am:
-High Priest [outside] of the Prism of the Purple God of Healing (a magickal gay men's healing group);
-Convener of Connect DC;
-Member of Dark Flame Coven;
-Student (Fifth Term) in Reflections Mystery School;
-Tarot reader; and,
-Card carrying member of AARP.

If you want to know anything else, you'll have to ask.

Recitation of the past:
I am a Reflecting-gnitcelfer, Prismatic, Radically Gay Magickal Being evolving into an Abba*. My vocation, in any moment, is in the variable blending of mystic, homemaker, oracle, student, counselor, prophet, and seer. Which I have realized is becoming an Abba, based upon the foundation of a Starets. Also, I bring meaningful expertise in spiritual counseling and guidance, logistics, diplomacy, and event/meeting planning to my DC Metropolitan Pagan community and furtheron.

My Patroness is the Hekatae. The Purple God of Healing [Dian-y-Glas] is my personal God. I was one of the founders of the Prism of the Purple God of Healing- a Queer, magickal working, joyful, and HEALING group (currently on hiatus). I walk between communities, and journey in the 'tween places. I am involved with those who ask of me, in ConnectDC, the Capital Pride LGBTIQ Interfaith Service, the Washington-Baltimore Pagan Clergy Association, and I'm a continuing (third term) student of Reflections Mystery School. [Blessings to my Teacher and Systeri!] One should always be a student in/of the Universe Myriadis and the God/dess/s.

In the recent past, I have served the community in various capacities- Secretary of the Open Hearth Foundation; Planning Secretary of the Pagan Leadership Skills Conference; and President of the Sacred Space Foundation and Conference. I was the first co-ordinator of the DC Pagan Pride Week's InterPath Service (in 2004 and 2005). I was the founding Minister of the Aldari Church [now, Minister Emeritus], founded in 1994 in Northern Virginia. I participated in the writing of the first vision statement of Haven (Nybor & Elspeth [my first Elders]). And I've worked in the DC Radical Faeries as a Circlekeeper, as part of the incorporation and 501c(3) committees, and their annual Red Dragon Feasts (for charity). Among a number of other activities. At present, I'm [mostly] a free agent within the DC Pagan Communities.

I am writing! First, an inspired series of prose/poetry/prayers concerning the Hekatae, the Purple God of Healing, and Hestia. Next, soliloquies (a'la The Federalist Papers) presenting my feelings about living Spiritually with Magick. In addition, I will be sharing my commentary on DC Pagan culture, and the dominant social-cultural-governmental paradigms. Best of all, I get to share my Pearls of the Wise- sayings, quotes, excerpts, and articles I find wise and important.

And I have a website! Come see all of the above at Treptower Keys. You will see my creativity and expression.

I am available for Tarot readings and spiritual support/counseling (in person and electronically). I support the Open Hearth Foundation at their Pagan Band Jams on the first Saturday of the Month, by donating my Tarot services. My gift to the Universe Myriadis is me, free of the politics and anger.

For me- I am focused on being my beliefs. I walk with the Hekatae and the Purple God of Healing [Dian-y-Glas]. My home is a Spiritually Magickal place. Living my spirituality with magick, I learn daily. I love my life. This journal is a compendium of my daily experiences.

*In the early Christian monastic and hermitic movements, the Abba was sought out for advice, counseling, and support. This is part of my vocation.

**These are my 4 stages in living my spirituality- Warrior, Magickian / Priest, Abba (Elder), and Sage. I plan to not be a Sage for quite some time.