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Life. It's for living.
Blessings all!

It's Yuletide and I have some gratitude to spread around! In no order as that is the mind I have right now. And there will be more later!

I want to thank my not-in-but-around-DC friends for remembering me and including me in their celebrations.

To Dr. Buchholz for his caring manner, help, and listening to me.

Thank you to Adam, for helping and caring for me. For being my friend, for being there

Thanks to Katrina. For everything.

Dr. Khin, for working with me on my psych stuff, trusting my judgment, and the nifty postcard from Thailand. Thank you.

Logospilgrim, you are a glorious being. I am honored we are friends.

Thank you, Valen. For being there, for being so vocal, for pinning me to furniture so I will rest, for nearly giving me a heart attack when you leaped off the balcony for that fly, for stalking the outside hallway like a panther/puma/jaguar, and for your unconditional love.

To my RMS and Connect DC cohorts [in crime and frivolity]: Thank you for your love, support, laughter, and spirituality. I am uplifted and better for being with you.

SeaIvy- your constant support, inclusion in your workings, and love keep my heart warm. Thank you.

The Chronic Pain Clinic: Thank you to Rae and Dr. O'Donovan for all the work you have done and continue to do for me and us. And to the members of the Clinic, thank you for your strength, suggestions, presence, and, especially, your understanding of what we all deal with in our lives.

To Melissa: I miss you something fierce!!! But I know you are strong and your children have the bestest mommy ever!!!!! And Andy better remember his wife should be on a pedestal!!! (But make it short one, so he can lavish love and support on you!) Thanks

Rhonda, that was one quick move! Sorry I couldn't make it out there. But I hope to be down there eventually. I miss you a lot! Thank you, and, remember, "Oh My God!!! The Orange is On Fire!!!"

More as I remember...

Blessings of the season! Stay warm. Eat well. Remember, I love you all!

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It is a blessing to be your friend, most beloved... May your celebrations be filled with peace and joy ♥

I would have sent you a card but I lost your new address.
But you are always in my thoughts and asking.
May the Goddess bless and guide you in the coming year!

*hugs you tight* I know it was a whirlwind summer. I miss you! I hope you will soon come down for a visit and time to enjoy baking on the beach! :) We are close to the beach and have a spare bedroom open for whenever you want to come! Love you bunches!!!

Oh! And one must never forget! "The train runs through the living room!"

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