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In the season of Lammas
Bless us!

May there be an abundance of good and wellness during this first harvest! I hope to pop out of my cocoon.

For those not on Facebook: Valen, my cat, took a header off of the balcony wall! I'm the 2nd floor, so he fell/leaped/discovered gravity worked. He landed in the dirt, in front off the patio wall. He realized that those car things were too close and moving. Valen began to yowl! LOUDLY!!! [It echoed off the buildings and down the street.] As by friend Adam ran downstairs to get him, I spoke soothingly to the cat who was trying to get me to stroke out. Valen couldn't find any useful cover, so he leaped up on the patio wall and onto the patio. He went to the glass door of that apartment and continued yowling. The neighbor upstairs tried to soothe him too. dam came out of the building, called to him, and Valen saw refuge and took it!

When Valen arrived back in the apartment, he was nervous and upset. We kept speaking soothingly to him. After he calmed a bit, we put him on the floor and gave him some treats. Adam and I walked back out on the balcony to talk about what had happened.

Valen leaped up onto the balcony wall between us!!!

So, I'm a bit of a wreck from all this. But getting better. Valen seems to be fine, but I'm monitoring him for a few more days.

Things are going ok. Working with the health issues. Moving forward.

Having a yard sale on the 14th. Need to stop drowning in stuff. And move forward at a more brisk pace.

Hope all is well with you. And you are enjoying the grains and fruits!

Blessings upon all of us!

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Poor Valen!!!!!!
And poor poor YOU!

You are in my thoughts and "asking" every day.
Hope all will be well.

Poor Valen! I missed this on FB - so sorry, but I hope he is okay otherwise!! And you too!!!

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