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It's 1am...
Bless us.

And I'm posting. *shrugs shoulders*

Had a fabulous evening at a poetry jam with A. He read some of his own poetry. They liked him. He was faboo!

This is the 2nd one he has taken me with to. I've found out how much I miss live performance/art. When I was in high school and college I attended more live performances than in the years since (not including peoples' psychodramas). *OY!!! other peoples' psychodramas*

Valen and I continue to adjust to the new poustinia. I am beginning to hate cardboard. There will be a large yard sale soon! We will not drown in schtuff!!! Valen likes the balcony too... To the point he's thinking about visiting the neighbor's balcony by slinking around the wall that separates us. Yeah, no... It gives me heart palpitations when he is dancing on the wall with the railing. *sigh*

My PCP doctor called today. He has been researching places that will take my insurance for some specialist testing. Called to tell me he found a place in DC, and he had faxed a referral to them already! And they may have some ideas and help about the fibro and chronic fatigue! I last saw my PCP on March 23rd. Have I mentioned yet how much gratitude I have for this doctor!!! I give thanks...I Give Thanks...I GIVE THANKS...

I am glad about this heat, too. It has made my body feel its best in a few months.

That's my catch-up. A rumination is working its way out towards pixels.

Care, Love, Blessings!


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You were diagnosed with fibro AND chronic fatigue? My goodness.

So glad to see you on my computer screen this morning!!!

How good that you have a doctor who wants to help. You are always in my asking to the Goddess. Have you considered acupuncture? It might help.

I want to hear (see?) more about your new poustinia.

You are always in my thoughts.

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