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Realizing more should be said...

My present roommate and I have decided to separate. We've diverged too far. It happens. And we move on.

Of course, I'm going through my usual process. Which means I'm scurrying like an idiot to put on a brave face masking my fear it will all fall apart for me. Pretty normal for me.

My process exacerbates my stress, panic, and anxiety. In turn, aggravating some of my other health issues. These will settle down. They always do.

If I could find two people who, for the right price, will move, on March 1st, into the sweet 3 bedroom, two story, 1500 square foot apartment I presently have, and could tell me this by Sunday, things would be sweeter. [There are other plans in motion, also.]

Valen and I will land on our paws/feet. Where is the interesting question.

Blessings all!

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It's too bad you have cats - I am HORRIBLY allergic. I actually need to re-adjust my living situation as well. Prayers that both of us find what we need roommate/housing-wise!

What you wish for yourself in a new living arrangement, I wish for you also.

Hugs and love, my friend. You are in my thoughts and prayers!

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