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Eridanus' Poustinia

Profundity Abounds

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Why do I do these things at 1am?
Bless us.

When I do these in the morning, like this morning, I have been at a full day. So, I'm tired and such. But, enough about that...

I went to get my new glasses today. They should be in next Monday or a little after. They are bifocals, again. I'm grateful I can get them! I won't be shunting/shuttling/quick changing glasses and ripping the hell out of my ears anymore. Thank the God/dess/es!

It was a very nice experience, with a very helpful staff. Since the people I called were not exactly helpful in deciding fashion for me (Is it really that hard to help me find fashionable things to wear?), I chose to go with the most in look right now...

Harry Potter. Black, over-sized, round frames. Owlish, even.

Thinking about getting my haircut in a Harry way. And I know so many people into tattoos, so, I'm thinking scarring. Perhaps, a little lightening bolt on my forehead.

Besides that, I got the lined in bifocals. I'm not that vain. And I need to know where those damned suckers are!

So, next week, I'll be a one set of glasses kinda Harry Potteresque kinda guy. Any guy wanna date me?

Love and Blessings, y'all (sometimes, my time in Dallas comes out!)