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Must be the darkening...
Bless us all.

I, too, have noticed many of us coming back to LJ and posting. Since most people have put forth theories about this phenom, I don't need to explore it here.

The darkening leads to contemplation...

I have been turned too inward. My health and wellness have been at the forefront of my thoughts and feelings. Pain, fatigue, and anxiety have been my companions for some time. I have been mourning. I have been angry. I am all of those and more. It has put blinders on me. I saw only what was in front of me, and what I saw was blurry from my tears (angry, sad, fatigued). As my physical body held me back, I haven't seen around me.

"Physical trumps all" is something I learned at Magick School. I have not be able to disprove it. (No matter how hard I try.)

But I have found a corollary... It does not give you grace. From/for you.

This past Saturday, I had a flash of resonance. We were talking about the cosmic balance, about how it was not static/stasis, but dynamic and moving. And this is what I wrote down...
Cosmic Balance
Balance of me
Physical- weakening, chaos
Emotion- feeling, knowing
Mental- awareness, understanding
Spiritual- Power, order, Magick

This is happening to me. It's an interesting journey. And not one I know the destination.

That is enough for now.

Blessings, all.

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When you come to the fork in the road, take it. It is your magickal destiny. At least that is what I am learning in the Grey School of Wizardry. It is all good.

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