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Doing ok
Bless us!

Just wanted people to know I'm doing ok. The new med is taking some time to get used to. It is what it is.

Reaching a point where I'm goin' to need some knit gloves for the fall. Looking for some cheap, but stylish ones.

Yesterday, I got pulled into a store called Legendary Beast, up on U Street. Great owner! Lots of good metaphysical conversation, estate jewelry, shrines, and a crystal wand I'm lusting after! I have a staff I use (since 1982), and a plain wand from the Wye Oak (the oldest tree in Maryland, til it was severely damaged in a storm). I have never, NEVER, wanted-needed-was called-thought they were useful-should be used-etc.

But, now, I've changed. It called. It was used on me. It is fabulous. *sigh* Paradigm shift.

It cleared a headache, and 'lightened' the pressures on my third eye, crown, and transpersonal portals/chakras.

Must figure out what to pawn.

It is an amethyst wand. The tip is a clear quartz point. Chakra stones run the length of the wand. The base of the wand is a clear quartz egg. Silver is used to connect the pieces.

I have no idea why this piece fascinates me.

So, other than a fascination and a new med kicking my butt and needing a pair of knit gloves for the fall, I'm doing ok.

Full moon healing tomorrow. YAY!!!

Blessings all!

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Good to see you on my Friends page!
I was beginning to worry.

The wand sounds BEAUTIFUL!!
May the Goddess bring it to you.

I am wearing my black and silver spangled veil for the first Full Moon of Moontyme.
I shall be thinking of you!


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