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the Hekatae is/are BITCH(ES). And boy, is/are She/They PISSED!
Blessings upon us all.

This weekend I was at the Festival of Hecate (however you wish to spell it). I was very religious in attending this event for years. It was at one of these rituals She/They claimed me for Her/Their own. But, in the past few years, I've allowed non-spiritual things to deprive me. [The fact I bemoan this in others only makes me more culpable. *sigh*]

I have a relationship to the Hekatae. I mentioned I was chosen. I should mention when it happened, I preferred working with archetype forms. I thought Wicca and Paganism was about personal choice in spirituality. This/These Goddess/es just chose me!!! I fought Her/Them for over 2 months! DID! NOT! WANT! One of my spiritual elders just laughed when i complained to him. He suggested capitulation. Finally, I surrendered. My relationship with the Hekatae has always been love/hate. She/They have limited my choices to what She/They chose for me. She/They have repeatedly clubbed me with Their 'clue by four' til I did as She/They wished. I have blessed and loved without measure. She/They have strengthened my energies, abilities, self, and powers. I have been blessed. And yet, the words I speak to Her/Them the most: Hekatae! You BITCH!!!

It was wonderful meeting up with old friends and new. It was a lovely time.

There was a class on Hecate. There were a number of things which resonate with me:
-The God/dess/es grow, evolve, and become more. Just as we do.
-The God/dess/es are among us.
-That one God/the Universe/Whatever is so vast, different, and divorced from us.
And more will come as it all settles.

And then, the ritual...

During this ritual, three forms of Hecate are present: the Maiden, Mother, and Crone. They speak to us as a whole, then, each of us is allowed to speak to one aspect, to ask for a blessing or ask a question. And o remember, oracular speech does need a through translation/facts check/understanding to get all of the nuances within.

Each aspect was angry. The Maiden spoke of strength and how we whined and pleaded the Her to fix it. That She would walk beside us and aid us, but not do it. The Mother spoke of how she weeped for us. We should come to her for a reality check. The Crone told us She knew where we were all going, eventually. About how we aren't growing at the crossroads, while we dither about what path/choice we make. Come to her for illumination.

I almost didn't see an aspect. For me, the anger I felt from them was present. It was my anger, too. The numbers of people who, when in trouble/crisis/out of time, jettison their spiritual connections/work/vocations. Demanding the God/dess/es fix it, without any help/work from the demanders.

Eventually, a question did arise I chose to ask. As most of you know, I turned 50 a month ago. I find it amazing I am a half century old!I have lived to see the end of the Cold War, the Berlin Wall falling, and the war on terror begin. I've gone from a ball orbiting the earth to people on the moon and living in space. I went from the signing of the Civil Rights Act to an African-American in the White House. Amazing I tell you! AMAZING!

My question: Now that I have reached the portal in my life, when it is usual to believe more of my years are behind me rather than in my future, what should I be concentrating on? As the Crone had said she could illuminate the paths, I chose to ask her.

The response: You must lose weight, quit eating processed food, and eat more raw food. You will have more years before you than behind you. And She blessed me.

Now, you may think that this is a weird response. Or that this isn't a response at all. Or, maybe, it was rude of Her to mention my weight, or She didn't know I had been losing weight again. You could think it isn't an answer to my question at all. Or, whatever you may think of it as a response.

My first reaction? Was "Wha?' As I traversed the circle back to my place, the first understanding hit. I have a lot more to do here. And more to do for Her/Them. No early retirement/rest for me.

Hekatae! You BITCH!!!


After the ritual, I told my driver he would be my minion for a long while yet. Let us say, he was not thrilled. Especially the part where I called him a minion. He does not understand how lofty and important that position is. I need to locate the Hekatae's clue by four.

I stayed overnight, and we came home on Sunday. The colors were vivid to me. And I noted the almost blinding silver cars at lunchtime. A sign I am processing.

Lunch was at Rustico, in historic Stevensville, on Kent Island, in Maryland. I would like to go back again, not_the_pope.

Today will need to be rest for me. The weekend, while wonderful, took a lot out of me.

Many blessings to each of you!

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Oh, heavens! I totally didn't connect that it was you when I saw you! We were in the kitchen when you introduced yourself to me as "Eri, from Reflections Mystery School" and I heard "Airy," and blandly inquired whether that was Katrina's school. I'm Brenda. Nice to put a face to the LJ handle!

I remember you. A couple of years ago, some people suggested nametags with their LJ or myspace names so we knew who we were meeting.

Maybe we should do it. *smile*

Nice to meet you!

It sounds like it was a good (if not happy-making, directly) ritual. I wish I could have attended this year. Very intense.

You are loved.

I find that when my first reaction from Hecate is "WTF! That's BS!" then it is not only very important, but something that is going to be important for a long time.

We both have much work to do. She is counting on us.

"-That one God/the Universe/Whatever is so vast, different, and divorced from us."

Yeah, I know what you mean. I don't have anyone else, though. But on the other hand, some people don't seem to feel divorced like that, but connected. I wonder why that is?

May your path be clear ahead. :)

heh heh heh ... that is all ... heh heh heh ...

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