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Eridanus' Poustinia

Profundity Abounds

(no subject)
Happy New Year Blessings!!!!

(no subject)
Blessings, Everyone!

Happy Christmas!

Yahoo Yulhanimas!!!

Sping for the New Year!!!

And, I really do mean blessings for all of us!

Life. It's for living.
Blessings all!

It's Yuletide and I have some gratitude to spread around! In no order as that is the mind I have right now. And there will be more later!

I want to thank my not-in-but-around-DC friends for remembering me and including me in their celebrations.

To Dr. Buchholz for his caring manner, help, and listening to me.

Thank you to Adam, for helping and caring for me. For being my friend, for being there

Thanks to Katrina. For everything.

Dr. Khin, for working with me on my psych stuff, trusting my judgment, and the nifty postcard from Thailand. Thank you.

Logospilgrim, you are a glorious being. I am honored we are friends.

Thank you, Valen. For being there, for being so vocal, for pinning me to furniture so I will rest, for nearly giving me a heart attack when you leaped off the balcony for that fly, for stalking the outside hallway like a panther/puma/jaguar, and for your unconditional love.

To my RMS and Connect DC cohorts [in crime and frivolity]: Thank you for your love, support, laughter, and spirituality. I am uplifted and better for being with you.

SeaIvy- your constant support, inclusion in your workings, and love keep my heart warm. Thank you.

The Chronic Pain Clinic: Thank you to Rae and Dr. O'Donovan for all the work you have done and continue to do for me and us. And to the members of the Clinic, thank you for your strength, suggestions, presence, and, especially, your understanding of what we all deal with in our lives.

To Melissa: I miss you something fierce!!! But I know you are strong and your children have the bestest mommy ever!!!!! And Andy better remember his wife should be on a pedestal!!! (But make it short one, so he can lavish love and support on you!) Thanks

Rhonda, that was one quick move! Sorry I couldn't make it out there. But I hope to be down there eventually. I miss you a lot! Thank you, and, remember, "Oh My God!!! The Orange is On Fire!!!"

More as I remember...

Blessings of the season! Stay warm. Eat well. Remember, I love you all!

In the season of Lammas
Bless us!

May there be an abundance of good and wellness during this first harvest! I hope to pop out of my cocoon.

For those not on Facebook: Valen, my cat, took a header off of the balcony wall! I'm the 2nd floor, so he fell/leaped/discovered gravity worked. He landed in the dirt, in front off the patio wall. He realized that those car things were too close and moving. Valen began to yowl! LOUDLY!!! [It echoed off the buildings and down the street.] As by friend Adam ran downstairs to get him, I spoke soothingly to the cat who was trying to get me to stroke out. Valen couldn't find any useful cover, so he leaped up on the patio wall and onto the patio. He went to the glass door of that apartment and continued yowling. The neighbor upstairs tried to soothe him too. dam came out of the building, called to him, and Valen saw refuge and took it!

When Valen arrived back in the apartment, he was nervous and upset. We kept speaking soothingly to him. After he calmed a bit, we put him on the floor and gave him some treats. Adam and I walked back out on the balcony to talk about what had happened.

Valen leaped up onto the balcony wall between us!!!

So, I'm a bit of a wreck from all this. But getting better. Valen seems to be fine, but I'm monitoring him for a few more days.

Things are going ok. Working with the health issues. Moving forward.

Having a yard sale on the 14th. Need to stop drowning in stuff. And move forward at a more brisk pace.

Hope all is well with you. And you are enjoying the grains and fruits!

Blessings upon all of us!

Bless us.

I have been overusing my shields. I expect we all have.

For me, I have used my health issues, the first among many, to block my power(s), abilities, & energies. Worry over my presently precarious place in the world. My family. Valen. I could on & on. Fun things I like to do. They are all shields, of a sort. I concentrate on me, rather than on me in context.

The Universe calls. The Primal Forces call. The Spirit calls. The Earth calls.

And, I'm whining over circumstances which will change over a relatively short time.

Enough 'poor me' most of the time. Need to be me, in context, rather than just me.

Bless us.

Let's see what spills out...
Bless us all.

I was having a conversation last evening (with a real person, not myself). During it, I said part of my being a seer, medicant, spiritual intuitive, and prophet *shudder* was to acquaint people with the fact the Universe Myriadis is Magick(tm) energy.

We are magick energy, as is the stuff we use, breathe, think with, feel, believe, do... All of everything!!! It just is, flows, ebbs, moves, stays, etc.

We use it, even if we don't believe in it. We are it! Making/cooking food is magick. Vacuuming the living room is magick. Petting the cat is, eating, shopping, anything we do is magick! All of these things, usually, are done without thought, intention, or direction. It just moves the magick.

Now, witches can work magick. Pagans, Goddess Women, Wiccans, etc. work it also, usually in conjunction with their Divine Spark/Higher Self/God/dess/es/Whatever. They use thought, intention, and direction.

Unfortunately, a great many of those in the above paragraph don't realize/accept/aren't capable of being conscious of the fact of magickal energy is us/present/everything/the Universe Myriadis. They keep their magickal workings separate. In that metaphorical pretty jar on the shelf to keep it 'unsullied'/safe/'special'. Taken down and used on holy days, powerful lunations, astrologically perfect times, etc.


This energy, this magick, this power is in dirt, dog poop, skyscrapers, tenements, thought, tv shows, food, body emissions, your Tshirt, their words, feelings, EVERYTHING!!! And yes, I believe different things can influence the working: astrological things, time of day, etc. However, there is one thing that trumps all else- NEED & NOW!

As I am a Pagan, I refer to it as Everyday Spiritual Magick. Some of you may refer to it as Everyday Magick. Whatever you do, do it with intention, thought, and direction. Digging into your soul, pooping, eating, reading a book, sitting, watching tv, anything one does is Everyday Spiritual Magick.

Back in the day, spirituality (or religion) suffused society. When you woke up, you said a prayer. Food came with prayers, grabbing your hoe and using it went with a chant, and so on. Everyday, every activity, came with intention, thought, and direction. There were holy days, specific times for specific workings, etc., but magick happened all the time!

Our society today has stripped the magick, the spirituality, from living. Almost all of us go on autopilot for some or most of the day. We are shallowly connected to our own living, our own being in this society, much less than the Universe Myriadis.

As one of the people who understands/accepts/believes in the magick/power/energy, even I 'don't get it' much of the time. I don't focus, direct, intend, or think about what I'm doing all of the time. I need to. We all do.

Lately, I've been complimenting and thanking people. Wishing them better or more fabulous days. I am fighting the good fight against negativity in the world, putting more positivity out there. Yes, it's a big working, and it depends on others to 'pay it forward'. But, just getting a smile is worth it. I pushed the negativity back a little/moment/in the now.

I remember to imbue my dishes, food prep, cat food, and medications with appropriate intentions, direction, and clear, conscious thought. I remember I've stopped blessing my bed, the clean laundry, and vehicles I ride in. I am human.

But I am a Pagan. I strive for a more conscious, Sacred, Spiritual, magickal life. It is a struggle. But anything worth so much does come with a struggle. It means change.

And we humans only welcome good change. We'll fight change we think threatens us. How many of us (actually) are/choose to be connected to the oil spill in the Gulf? Haiti? Drug cartel wars in Mexico? People facing severe/chronic/life-ending issues? Gaza? All of these at once? Most of us keep our distance (for some, because their earth vessel (body) won't let them), but the rest of us aren't the activists rushing in.

Each of us can't do everything. Really, you cannot. We may want to, but that simply scatters energy. Look for what you can do. I can be a more conscious, spiritual, magickal, aware being. I continue to become a seer, a medicant, a spiritual intuitive, channel/voice for the Divine, and a prophet *shudder*. I will continue my studies, my magick, my abilities, my powers, and so on. I will speak my truth. I will be a voice for the Divine. I will continue to evolve.

I will practice more and more Everyday Spiritual Magick!

Bless us all! Beyond measure!

*I've reread this entry, and I'm leaving in what I didn't type.

Before I get on FB
Blessings all!

For awhile now, I've been ignoring something that most people have seen. I've been in a slight level depression. I'm taking some pills, but, I've been a little lower for a while. I'm thankful I've had the drugs has it took the deeper bad edges off. Which allowed me to ignore it.

Usually, good changes for me happen in spectacular times. Unexpected, unwanted, and unconvenient. I stopped updating my website and FaceBook page a long while ago. Then, I rarely wrote in LJ. So, changes were coming. I chose to ignore the signals, too.

Ignorance can be bliss... Till it blows sky high... On all levels and planes...

I am coming back to myself. It's a changed self. I like it a bit better. Not fully unfolded yet. And more changes to come. Hopefully, conscious, wanted, needed, spiritually unfolding changes. And a little less spectacular than shut down-ignition-explosion-result-understanding.

GOD/DESS/ES! May that be so!!!

The above explains why I'm no longer at Blue Lotus Treasures, the stress, the physical body things, the move to a new apartment... and so much more I can't bring to mind at midnight.

I have been in a another steep learning curve, or is it the same one? Whatever it is, I'm realizing it again.

The Hekatae would like to insert in here NOW: It's a gradient, people!!! Get over yourselves!!!

I needed my new poustinia. Did I want it at this time? No. Do I think I can keep up with it? No. Will I? As best I can. I need it because we'll need it. It will be a beacon of hope, a safe place, as the wheels turn.

I needed to change. The patterns were no longer fulfilling what was needed.

I must get back to being the spiritual intuitive, the Tarot consultant, the coven member, the hidden elder for others seeking, the High Priest. I must fuse the magickal persona back within me. I must me. More me.

Gratitude. Acceptance. Understanding. Discerning.

Teaching. Leading. Holding the Lamp as the Hermit does.

I needed the open mics that adam has brought me to. He thought it was to support him. It is much more! I didn't realize how much I missed live art. The sharing! One of the hosts called it: 'Throwing your soul on the floor, in front of everyone, and showing the insides.' In the number of times I have been a witness to these expressions, I feel the pull to share my own stories, my family adventures, my life as a transplanted suburban Chicago, white boy. Soon, very soon.

I pray I will be able to share my spirituality to others who need to see there is no perfection, no one right way, no one director. It is what is. It's perfect in the moment. Plan for a better tomorrow. See what happens. See yourself. Understand who you are, rather than what they told/taught/forced you to be. Be you. And know you are perfect whoever/whatever/whenever/wherever/however you are. Right this moment! This is your strength! Hang on to it. We all need it! Now... and in the future... soon...

I need the scrying bowl The Hekatae have shown me in my dreams. Perhaps by physical manifestation, I can manifest the spiritual messages I have been unable to put into inadequate wordages.

I feel I have returned to myself. I hope I remember to be here. To ruminate, to share, to support, to be present. As I put me back to becoming, more of me will be here now/present.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for being my friend/family/part of me. I give thanks!

Bless you!

It's 1am...
Bless us.

And I'm posting. *shrugs shoulders*

Had a fabulous evening at a poetry jam with A. He read some of his own poetry. They liked him. He was faboo!

This is the 2nd one he has taken me with to. I've found out how much I miss live performance/art. When I was in high school and college I attended more live performances than in the years since (not including peoples' psychodramas). *OY!!! other peoples' psychodramas*

Valen and I continue to adjust to the new poustinia. I am beginning to hate cardboard. There will be a large yard sale soon! We will not drown in schtuff!!! Valen likes the balcony too... To the point he's thinking about visiting the neighbor's balcony by slinking around the wall that separates us. Yeah, no... It gives me heart palpitations when he is dancing on the wall with the railing. *sigh*

My PCP doctor called today. He has been researching places that will take my insurance for some specialist testing. Called to tell me he found a place in DC, and he had faxed a referral to them already! And they may have some ideas and help about the fibro and chronic fatigue! I last saw my PCP on March 23rd. Have I mentioned yet how much gratitude I have for this doctor!!! I give thanks...I Give Thanks...I GIVE THANKS...

I am glad about this heat, too. It has made my body feel its best in a few months.

That's my catch-up. A rumination is working its way out towards pixels.

Care, Love, Blessings!


(no subject)
I am the Hekatae.
This is My chosen.
Do not hinder him.

Info people should know
Bless us!

As many of you know, I'm moving at the end of the month. And I could use some help. I get the keys to the new place on Feb 23 (Tuesday). Here is what I know I need:

Prior to the 23rd-
-Haulage items
for books, mementos, bathroom, and kitchen.

Starting the 23rd through the 27th-
-People to pack what hasn't been packed, and schlep
-2 wheeled and 4 wheeled hand trucks and dolleys
I will be unloading boxes, crates, etc. during the day.

26th (Friday) and 27th (Saturday) VERY IMPORTANT!!!!-
-People to pack what hasn't been packed, and schlep
-2 wheeled and 4 wheeled hand trucks and dolleys
-Making sure everything is off the walls, the appliances are clean, the 3 accent walls are primed, and one last vacuum
NOTO BENE: The altar is heavy, and the china cabinet and tv are awkward.

This plan leaves the 28th for whatever I can't get done. And calming the freaked out Valen.

I am working out what is available for sale. I will post soon, then craigslist.

For those that know my address, only the apartment number is changing. The apartment #, as of March 1st, is 209.

The new name will be for a poustinia. Think I can get Beauregard on that?

Blessings all!


I would like to thank everyone for their good thoughts and prayers. I have a place to move to at the end of February. Of course, I'll need some help moving. Upstairs. To the 2nd floor of my present building.

I will be looking to sell some things, also. Anyone looking for a full-size, front load dryer? Don't know what else will come available. Need to do inventory.

Blessings all.

Realizing more should be said...

My present roommate and I have decided to separate. We've diverged too far. It happens. And we move on.

Of course, I'm going through my usual process. Which means I'm scurrying like an idiot to put on a brave face masking my fear it will all fall apart for me. Pretty normal for me.

My process exacerbates my stress, panic, and anxiety. In turn, aggravating some of my other health issues. These will settle down. They always do.

If I could find two people who, for the right price, will move, on March 1st, into the sweet 3 bedroom, two story, 1500 square foot apartment I presently have, and could tell me this by Sunday, things would be sweeter. [There are other plans in motion, also.]

Valen and I will land on our paws/feet. Where is the interesting question.

Blessings all!

(no subject)

I'm looking for one to two roommates to share my downtown DC 3 bedroom, two story, apartment. Underground garage parking available. More details coming, or contact me directly.

Bless us all.

The good 2K10 report is later
Blessings all.

I've come down with a 24 hour bug. So did my roommate. I'll just talk about me.

Last night, around 5am, I felt weird/bad/something wasn't right. I got up, did a little FB, and went to bed. I woke up around 10am feeling every muscle and joint in great pain. My feet, especially the soles, and my hands hurt so much to move. The sheets, arm, warmth, etc. were too heavy for me. With a migraine for a topper, causing vertigo. All I wanted to do was scream!!!

The roommate was able to get the cats fed this morning.

I called our Teacher around 11.20 or so. She came over to help. For me, that meant bringing my meds upstairs. Because I was in great pain and tottering and was afraid to go downstairs.

It is starting to settle down. Crackers, gatorade, and 7up taste good.

I'll be my old self soon!

Bless us all!

Gut Yul & Happy Christmas
Bless us.

I've had a good Yule and a happy Christmas. Or as the people I used to live with in the late early 90's and I used to say: Yahoo YulHanaMas!

I am treasuring the people in my life more and more.

I have cats!

I do survive and I will live.

Yes, it is amazing.

Bless us all!

Why do I do these things at 1am?
Bless us.

When I do these in the morning, like this morning, I have been at a full day. So, I'm tired and such. But, enough about that...

I went to get my new glasses today. They should be in next Monday or a little after. They are bifocals, again. I'm grateful I can get them! I won't be shunting/shuttling/quick changing glasses and ripping the hell out of my ears anymore. Thank the God/dess/es!

It was a very nice experience, with a very helpful staff. Since the people I called were not exactly helpful in deciding fashion for me (Is it really that hard to help me find fashionable things to wear?), I chose to go with the most in look right now...

Harry Potter. Black, over-sized, round frames. Owlish, even.

Thinking about getting my haircut in a Harry way. And I know so many people into tattoos, so, I'm thinking scarring. Perhaps, a little lightening bolt on my forehead.

Besides that, I got the lined in bifocals. I'm not that vain. And I need to know where those damned suckers are!

So, next week, I'll be a one set of glasses kinda Harry Potteresque kinda guy. Any guy wanna date me?

Love and Blessings, y'all (sometimes, my time in Dallas comes out!)

Must be the darkening...
Bless us all.

I, too, have noticed many of us coming back to LJ and posting. Since most people have put forth theories about this phenom, I don't need to explore it here.

The darkening leads to contemplation...

I have been turned too inward. My health and wellness have been at the forefront of my thoughts and feelings. Pain, fatigue, and anxiety have been my companions for some time. I have been mourning. I have been angry. I am all of those and more. It has put blinders on me. I saw only what was in front of me, and what I saw was blurry from my tears (angry, sad, fatigued). As my physical body held me back, I haven't seen around me.

"Physical trumps all" is something I learned at Magick School. I have not be able to disprove it. (No matter how hard I try.)

But I have found a corollary... It does not give you grace. From/for you.

This past Saturday, I had a flash of resonance. We were talking about the cosmic balance, about how it was not static/stasis, but dynamic and moving. And this is what I wrote down...
Cosmic Balance
Balance of me
Physical- weakening, chaos
Emotion- feeling, knowing
Mental- awareness, understanding
Spiritual- Power, order, Magick

This is happening to me. It's an interesting journey. And not one I know the destination.

That is enough for now.

Blessings, all.

A "I'm alive" post

I'm alive. Things have been a bit unwieldy of late. I must work on that. Time I need a time out to work out time.

*heh heh heh*


I kill myself with mine own humor sometimes.

I'm still around. Dealing with my wellness, licking my wounds, and watching the world.

It seems my abilities with alliteration are still at nominal. Engage!

Bless you all!

I want this!

Doing ok
Bless us!

Just wanted people to know I'm doing ok. The new med is taking some time to get used to. It is what it is.

Reaching a point where I'm goin' to need some knit gloves for the fall. Looking for some cheap, but stylish ones.

Yesterday, I got pulled into a store called Legendary Beast, up on U Street. Great owner! Lots of good metaphysical conversation, estate jewelry, shrines, and a crystal wand I'm lusting after! I have a staff I use (since 1982), and a plain wand from the Wye Oak (the oldest tree in Maryland, til it was severely damaged in a storm). I have never, NEVER, wanted-needed-was called-thought they were useful-should be used-etc.

But, now, I've changed. It called. It was used on me. It is fabulous. *sigh* Paradigm shift.

It cleared a headache, and 'lightened' the pressures on my third eye, crown, and transpersonal portals/chakras.

Must figure out what to pawn.

It is an amethyst wand. The tip is a clear quartz point. Chakra stones run the length of the wand. The base of the wand is a clear quartz egg. Silver is used to connect the pieces.

I have no idea why this piece fascinates me.

So, other than a fascination and a new med kicking my butt and needing a pair of knit gloves for the fall, I'm doing ok.

Full moon healing tomorrow. YAY!!!

Blessings all!

Because the prophets ordained...
Bless us.

You are the Hanged Man

Self-sacrifice, Sacrifice, Devotion, Bound.

With the Hanged man there is often a sense of fatalism, waiting for something to happen. Or a fear of
loss from a situation, rather than gain.

The Hanged Man is perhaps the most fascinating card in the deck. It reflects the story of Odin who offered himself as a sacrifice in order to gain knowledge. Hanging from the world tree, wounded by a spear, given no bread or mead, he hung for nine days. On the last day, he saw on the ground runes that had fallen from the tree, understood their meaning, and, coming down, scooped them up for his own. All knowledge is to be found in these runes.

The Hanged Man, in similar fashion, is a card about suspension, not life or death. It signifies selflessness, sacrifice and prophecy. You make yourself vulnerable and in doing so, gain illumination. You see the world differently, with almost mystical insights.

What Tarot Card are You?
Take the Test to Find Out.

Bless you.

Blessed Autumn all!
Bless us!

Today is the autumnal equinox/Mabon/the start of fall. Blessings of the season!

Today, I was the sole coordinator for Connect DC's ritual. My co-coordinator was ill. We had 11 people appear at Rose Park (just inside Georgetown, at the M Street bridge).

Connect DC's motto is stop, drop, and do ritual. Which is exactly what we did. Since my co-coord was to do the meditation, and she couldn't find her notes, I winged it. I must have been full of the spirit, for it was a great ritual and meditation. Just what all of us needed.

I spoke of Hades as the keeper of the storehouses and Demeter holding the cornucopia of abundance. That the Mystery of Blessings are they are known and unknown, seen and unseen. And we must accept our abundance, use it, and enjoy. But, we must put some away for the future/dark times/winter, also.

I spoke of my gratitude of speaking with my Matron, the Hekatae, this year, of new friends, of being with Connect DC, and just being. Others were moved to speak of their gratitude.

It was a great simple ritual!

Afterwards, we shared a great time having lunch, and enjoying our company. It was fabulous! Just fabulous!

Heading towards home, we ended up near the Georgetown Flea Market. Some lovely things. I saw a wonderful monastic bell, for $40, that I so want! I did end up with a warding against the evil eye glass key chain fob. Can't hurt!

I wandered home, to the place I'm cat sitting. Had a light supper. Hung out with cats. K is home now, so I'll be heading home tomorrow eventually. I've had a great time here, but I'm ready to be at my home for a while.

This next upcoming week includes two medical appointments, a spiritual evening, and a handfasting to attend. I better rest fast! *smile*

Wonderful blessings of the season upon each of us!

the Hekatae is/are BITCH(ES). And boy, is/are She/They PISSED!
Blessings upon us all.

This weekend I was at the Festival of Hecate (however you wish to spell it). I was very religious in attending this event for years. It was at one of these rituals She/They claimed me for Her/Their own. But, in the past few years, I've allowed non-spiritual things to deprive me. [The fact I bemoan this in others only makes me more culpable. *sigh*]

I have a relationship to the Hekatae. I mentioned I was chosen. I should mention when it happened, I preferred working with archetype forms. I thought Wicca and Paganism was about personal choice in spirituality. This/These Goddess/es just chose me!!! I fought Her/Them for over 2 months! DID! NOT! WANT! One of my spiritual elders just laughed when i complained to him. He suggested capitulation. Finally, I surrendered. My relationship with the Hekatae has always been love/hate. She/They have limited my choices to what She/They chose for me. She/They have repeatedly clubbed me with Their 'clue by four' til I did as She/They wished. I have blessed and loved without measure. She/They have strengthened my energies, abilities, self, and powers. I have been blessed. And yet, the words I speak to Her/Them the most: Hekatae! You BITCH!!!

It was wonderful meeting up with old friends and new. It was a lovely time.

There was a class on Hecate. There were a number of things which resonate with me:
-The God/dess/es grow, evolve, and become more. Just as we do.
-The God/dess/es are among us.
-That one God/the Universe/Whatever is so vast, different, and divorced from us.
And more will come as it all settles.

And then, the ritual...

During this ritual, three forms of Hecate are present: the Maiden, Mother, and Crone. They speak to us as a whole, then, each of us is allowed to speak to one aspect, to ask for a blessing or ask a question. And o remember, oracular speech does need a through translation/facts check/understanding to get all of the nuances within.

Each aspect was angry. The Maiden spoke of strength and how we whined and pleaded the Her to fix it. That She would walk beside us and aid us, but not do it. The Mother spoke of how she weeped for us. We should come to her for a reality check. The Crone told us She knew where we were all going, eventually. About how we aren't growing at the crossroads, while we dither about what path/choice we make. Come to her for illumination.

I almost didn't see an aspect. For me, the anger I felt from them was present. It was my anger, too. The numbers of people who, when in trouble/crisis/out of time, jettison their spiritual connections/work/vocations. Demanding the God/dess/es fix it, without any help/work from the demanders.

Eventually, a question did arise I chose to ask. As most of you know, I turned 50 a month ago. I find it amazing I am a half century old!I have lived to see the end of the Cold War, the Berlin Wall falling, and the war on terror begin. I've gone from a ball orbiting the earth to people on the moon and living in space. I went from the signing of the Civil Rights Act to an African-American in the White House. Amazing I tell you! AMAZING!

My question: Now that I have reached the portal in my life, when it is usual to believe more of my years are behind me rather than in my future, what should I be concentrating on? As the Crone had said she could illuminate the paths, I chose to ask her.

The response: You must lose weight, quit eating processed food, and eat more raw food. You will have more years before you than behind you. And She blessed me.

Now, you may think that this is a weird response. Or that this isn't a response at all. Or, maybe, it was rude of Her to mention my weight, or She didn't know I had been losing weight again. You could think it isn't an answer to my question at all. Or, whatever you may think of it as a response.

My first reaction? Was "Wha?' As I traversed the circle back to my place, the first understanding hit. I have a lot more to do here. And more to do for Her/Them. No early retirement/rest for me.

Hekatae! You BITCH!!!


After the ritual, I told my driver he would be my minion for a long while yet. Let us say, he was not thrilled. Especially the part where I called him a minion. He does not understand how lofty and important that position is. I need to locate the Hekatae's clue by four.

I stayed overnight, and we came home on Sunday. The colors were vivid to me. And I noted the almost blinding silver cars at lunchtime. A sign I am processing.

Lunch was at Rustico, in historic Stevensville, on Kent Island, in Maryland. I would like to go back again, not_the_pope.

Today will need to be rest for me. The weekend, while wonderful, took a lot out of me.

Many blessings to each of you!

Busy, busy, busy
Bless us.

Meetings, appointments, move helping, art show openings, Tarot readings...

It's been busy!

Today, I'll be up at <a href="http://www.bluelotustreasures.com>Blue Lotus Treasures</a> from 2-6pm. Come on up and see me! Also, check out the website. The beginnings of a fabulous on-line store are there now! After, I'm meeting up with A for supper, blessings, and, maybe, shopping. Tomorrow is relax recovery day. Blessings all!

It's me
Bless us!

Am feeling no ill effects from my earlier adventure. In fact, it's made me hungry in a way I haven't been since prednisone. I have had a snack.

Been reading my new Phryne Fisher novel, from the library. In it's spirit, I'll be dining on a salmon patty, with dilled sour cream, placed on a Thomas' sandwich thin, and asparagus on the side. It will be a lovely collation.

Now, however, I don't know whether to continue reading, or have a nap. The decisions one is called upon to make!

Miss Hepzibah has a bike. Fear me!

Blessings all!